Información pública sobre proyecto

General public information

Project information sheet (D5.1)
Project Planning, Milestones and Follow-up
Pilot test at Czech Republic (D3.1)
Pilot test at Spain (D3.2)
Layman Report (D5.4)
Project technical articles (D5.9)


Project Workshop presentations (Jun 2014)

Workshop agenda
Welcome and Introduction (ECOLEC)
Project genesis & objetives (ECOLEC)
Development of the traceability technical solution (MCCTELECOM)
WEEE TRACE at Czech Republic: Optical recognition solution (ASEKOL)
WEEE TRACE in Spain: Implementation of traceability solution (ECOLEC)
FAGOR experience. Compatibility, durability and reliability (ECOLAN)
WEEE TRACE: The experience of a Recycler (FANE)
ICT role in support of environment and sustainability (VODAFONE)
Coding & standardization. Electro Project (AECOC GS1 Spain)
Use of Mobile Applications and devices for traceability (IBERMATICA)
RFID technologies for tracking - Technical challenges addressed (TRACETECH)
The value of stakeholders contribution to WEEE TRACE (ECOLEC)
WEEE TRACE application to capillary collection: Municipal Collection Points, Retail, Households (next steps) (ECOLEC)
Replication: Potential Opportunities (MCCTELECOM)
Replication: Potential Opportunities (ASEKOL)
Overall - Project results (ECOLEC)

Other Presentations

Presentation at FP7 CWIT Interpol-led project (June 2014)
WEEE TRACE presented at International Electronics Recycling Congress Conference (Salzburg 2014)
e-AIMS workshop on Waste Management and RFID Technologies (Franhofer Institute. Dortmund, 10 September 2013)
Recycling Cluster Workshop on "Eco-innovators Day" (Brussels, November 2012)
"RFID and Waste" Workshop (Bruselas, 11 July 2012)
Cluster Workshop on "Sensor-based Sorting Technologies and Applications" in Aachen (Germany) on April 19th, 2012
WEEE Forum General Assembly (Málaga, November 2011)
Spanish Session on European Initiatitive on Critical Raw Materials at CDTI (Spanish Ministry of Science & Technology) Madrid, October 2011
Annex to Spanish document on capabilities related to raw materials. (CDTI - Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology)

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