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WEEE TRACE project intends to make use of Information and Communication Technologies i.e. radiofrequency tagging or image recognition; to ensure cradle-to-grave traceability of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) flows in order to raise their collection levels to 65%/85% as required by new legislation, guarantee these wastes are conveyed to the appropriate treatment plants and minimize illegal exports or leaks to substandard treatment. Additionally, proper identification of WEEE at treatment plants facilitates the identification of hazardous substances and achieving increased reuse, recycling and recovery targets.

Project will run pilot experiences in Spain and in the Czech Republic in early 2012 and will implement the solution at the complete waste collection and treatment chain of Ecolec in Spain.

It is intended to use these experiences to apply the solution to other European WEEE compliance schemes or to other waste streams with similar control and traceability requirements.

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